About Us

Goldie is a vegan, Israeli-style falafel shop serving fresh-to-order falafel, French fries, and tehina shakes.  Named for "baby Zahav" ("Zahav" is the Hebrew word for "gold"), the heart of Goldie's menu is Chef Caitlin McMillan's so-fresh-you-forget-it's-fried falafel with tehina, Israeli salad, cabbage, optional amba, harissa, or schug condiments – all tucked inside pita baked daily at Dizengoff.  Goldie has a "no toppings bar" ethos (we build each sandwich with our practiced hands).  Also, have the falafel salad, shawarma-spiced French fries, and tehina shakes.  Current shake flavors are Turkish coffee, chocolate mint, banana, and original.  Oh –– and we're Kosher!